Welcome to Changing Seasons!
This is an ongoing project, to build and develop this website. A creative outlet. It might look a bit empty at the moment, but hopefully, soon, I'll have my own domain again and build it back up to it's former glory! Well. You never know! :)


08.03.09 -- I have added a textured background and also redesigned my QB patch. Messed around with other colours but pink is best for now! I might add links to my blog(s) soon too.

07.03.09 -- I have just uploaded four new pages under "aboutme" - nothing much, but a good start! More is definately coming soon so keep an eye out!

02.03.09 -- It's been over 3 and a half years since I updated this. I don't have my own domain anymore, and I lost my membership on QBee. A lot of the site needs editing - so here it is.
The big over haul!

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